Grandeur Products Limited (“Grandeur”)is a Listed Company established in the year 1983 and currently situated at Hyderabad, India engaged in the business of seed research and development, production, sales and marketing.

In the year 2017, Grandeur Acquired Tierra Agrotech Private Limited (TAPL) with the objective to enter into Seed Business. Established in 2013, TAPL is next generation agriculture technology Company focused on developing innovative seeds stacked with proprietary traits that apart from providing significant yields and cost advantage to farmershas positive impact on environment. TAPL has 3 Seed Industry veterans with over 8 decades of cumulative global seed industry experience &a dedicated and professional teamof more than150 members. (To know more about TAPL please visit

In January 2018, TAPL has acquired the Monsanto’s Indian Cotton seed business from Monsanto Holdings Private Limited which had most popularbrand Paras Brahma, one of the market leaders in the cotton seed industry. With this Tierra has gotten hold of both Paras &DPC.

In March, 2018 Tierra has acquired Xylem Seeds Private Limited (“Xylem”) from US-based DuPont. Xylem is engaged in the business of cotton seed development, production, conventional breeding, marketing andsales of seeds in the territory of India.

With the acquisitions,Grandeur entered in to seed market and builtits presence in the market through Tierra and Xylem. The company will growits market share with newer products and technologies in cotton as well as in other crops like corn, rice, mustard, millets and vegetable crops.

Now, Grandeur also has entered in to the seed business directly with its own brand “Grandeur- Seed of Life” having separate sales and marketing team. Grandeur has a sales and marketing team of around 20 people.

Worldwide, agriculture is in the midst of new growth and development. This is equally applicable in Indian context as well, which is primarily an Agriculture based economy. We boast a significant goodwill with all our associate, customers and are keen to serve Indian farmers for theirdevelopment. We are a Group of committed, highly qualified, experienced, top-ranking professionals in the seed industry to operate the business under the guidance and supervision of Top Core Management.

In Coming y ears, we are looking forward to build a sustainable agribusiness - a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.